Actinidia - Notes

Deciduous climbers which might be used for pillars and pergolas. Kolomikta is an interesting and uncommon plant. Volubilis and polygama are the best known. All these have white flowers in summer. Chinensis has heart-shaped leaves on hairy stems and yellow flowers, which it bears freely on ripe wood in summer. The female form has deeper coloured flowers than the male.

Adenocarpus - Notes

A small genus, not entirely hardy, all with yellow flowers. Anagyrus, foliolosus, hispanicus and intermedius are the principal species. Sandy loam.

Aesculus - Notes

This is the botanists' genus for the Chestnut. The Horse Chestnut is Hippocastanum; see Chapters 9. and 20. Album flore pleno is a double white form of it. Carnea (syn. rubicunda), with pink flowers in June, is a beautiful small species; there is a good variety of it called Briotii. Neither of these is likely to grow more than twenty feet high. A still smaller species is parviflora (syn. macrostachya), which has white flowers in late spring, and should not be expected to grow more than eight or ten feet high. Californica, a newer species, has narrow, glossy leaves.