Clerodendron - Notes

The deciduous species tricho-tomum may be grown out of doors in mild districts; the white flowers with red calyx are produced in August.

Clethra - Notes

Alnifolia and canescens, both with white flowers in summer, height three to four feet, are hardy. The latter produces its flowers in long panicles. They belong to the Ericaceae and like peaty soil.

Climbers - Notes

See Chapter 18. and various paragraphs in the present section.

Cluster Pine - Notes

Pinus Pinaster.

Cockspur Thorn - Notes

Crataegus Crus-galli

Cocculus - Notes

See the chapter on modern plants.

Colutea - Notes

Arborescens is the Bladder Senna, so called because of its inflated seed pods. It is a deciduous shrub growing eight to ten feet high, with yellow flowers in summer. It will grow in almost any soil and does not dislike an exposed site. Cruenta, which has red and yellow flowers in summer, is also offered.

Comptonia - Notes

See Myrica. Asplenifolia is offered.

Conifers - Notes

See Chapters 5, 13., 14., 17., 18., and various paragraphs in the present section.

Corchorus - Notes

See Kerria.

Coriaria - Notes

A small genus of which japonica, with rose flowers in June, height up to five feet, is one of the best. The Coriarias are not considered to be fully hardy, but japonica is hardy on the clay at Aldenham House, near London.

Cork Oak - Notes

Quercus Suber.

Cornelian Cherry - Notes

Cornus mas.

Cornish Elm - Notes

Ulmus campestris cornubiensis.