Rock Cistus - Notes

See Cistus.

Rock Rose - Notes

See Cistus.

Rose - Notes

See Chapters 7., 11., 15., 18. and 19.

Rose Acacia - Notes

See Robinia.

Rosemary - Notes

Rosmarinus officinalis is the Rosemary, a dense evergreen, growing about four feet high, with small deep green aromatic foliage and lilac flowers. There is a form called prostrata, well suited to the rock garden. Ordinary soil.

Rubus - Notes

This genus includes the Blackberry and Raspberry. The principal ornamental species are biflorus, height up to ten feet, white flowers in pairs m May, white stems; deliciosus, six feet, white, May, edible fruit, does well when pruned as a bush; lasiostylus, valuable for its white stems; leucodermis, ten feet, white, early summer, black fruit; and odoratus, six feet, purplish red, yellow fruit. R. Idaeus is the Raspberry; R. laciniatus the parsley-leaved Blackberry or Bramble; and R. phoenicolasius the Wine-berry. The so-called Strawberry-Raspberry is a form of R. rosaefolius. Three other handsome Rubuses are bambusarum, with trailing branches, trifoliate leaves and black fruit; flagelliformis, a species from Central China with metallic leaves and white flowers; and innominatus, trifoliate leaves, pubescent stems and orange fruits in long panicles. Good loamy soil.