Spruce Fir - Notes

Picea excelsa.

Spurge Laurel - Notes

Daphne Laureola.

St. Johns Wort - Notes

See Hypericum.

Stachycarpus - Notes

See Prumnopitys.

Stachyurus - Notes

Praecox (syn. japonicus) bears pendulous yellow catkins in spikes in spring; it should be grown on a wall. Ordinary soil, if friable and well-drained. It should have full exposure to sun.

Staphylea - Notes

Deciduous shrubs, of which colchica, which grows up to five feet high and bears ivory white drooping flowers in spring, is the best known; it forces well. See Chapter 26. Bumalda, Coulombieri and pinnata, all with white flowers, are also offered. Other species are monadelpha, serrata and virginica.

Stauntonia - Notes

Evergreen climbers. Hexaphylla has sweet white flowers in spring. Latifolia is the same as Holboellia latifolia. Loam and leaf mould.

Stephanandra - Notes

Deciduous shrubs, worth growing for their autumn colour. Both flexuosa and Tanakae grow about three feet high and have white flowers in summer. The leaves of Tanakae colour well in autumn. Ordinary soil.