Stone Pine - Notes

Pinus Pinea.

Stranvaesia - Notes

See Section A.

Strawberry Tree - Notes

See Arbutus.

Stuartia - Notes

Beautiful deciduous shrubs with flowers like small single Camellias. Pentagyna and Pseudo-Camellia both grow six to ten feet high and have creamy flowers in summer. The latter is the stronger, and the leaves have rich autumn colour. Blooming as they do later than most shrubs, and intrinsically beautiful, the Stuartias should be very popular, but they are not planted much. They are rather slow growers and not perfectly hardy, but if planted in loam in a moist sheltered spot where the roots can be protected from hot sun without the whole plant being shaded they will thrive. A bleak spot and a cold or very dry soil do not suit them. Annual mulchings of peat, loam and decayed manure are beneficial.

Styrax - Notes

Beautiful deciduous trees. Japonica grows eight to twelve feet high and has deep green ovate-lanceolate leaves on horizontal branches and fragrant drooping white flowers in early summer. Obassia blooms freely in white pendulous scented racemes in June. Loam and leaf mould.