Paliurus - Notes

Australis (syn. aculeatus), " Christ's Thorn," is a deciduous shrub growing up to six feet high, with spiny stipules and clusters of yellow flowers in June. It is reputed to be the plant from which the crown of thorns was made. Ordinary soil.

Pampas Grass - Notes

See Gynerium.

Parrotia - Notes

Persica (syn. Hamamelis persica) a deciduous shrub, growing up to fifteen feet high, with scarlet flowers in summer, is worth growing for the brilliant colour of its foliage in autumn. Jacque-montana, yellow, white bracts, is also offered.

Passiflora - Notes

Passion Flower. See Chapter 18. Peat and loam.

Paulownia - Notes

Imperialis, a handsome small tree, makes a fine "sub-tropical" bed when grown in deep, rich soil, cut down in spring, and the resulting basal shoots thinned to one, for it may grow ten feet high and produce splendid foliage.

Pavia - Notes

See Aesculus.