Peach - Notes

See Chapter 26. for notes on forcing Peaches for early bloom. See also Chapters 5 and 6 and Prunus.

Pear - Notes

See Chapter 26. for forcing for early bloom, also Pyrus.

Pentstemon - Notes

This semi-shrubby genus has been dealt with in the companion volumes: Alpine Flowers and Rock Gardens, and Hardy Perennials and Herbaceous Borders.

Periploca - Notes

See Chapter 18. P. graeca thrives in ordinary soil.

Periwinkle - Notes

See Chapters 16. and 25.

Pernettya - Notes

See Chapters 15. and 19. The forms of mucronata are charming little berried evergreens, excellent for winter decoration. The varietal names coccinea, carnea, lilacina and nigra refer to the colours of the berries. Peat and loam.

Perowskia - Notes

Atriplicifolia is a handsome deciduous shrub, having white woolly leaves and long spikes of blue flowers in autumn.

Persimmon - Notes

See Diospyros.