Mock Orange. See Chapter 9. This is one of the best of hardy deciduous shrubs, owing to its vigour, profuse blooming and adaptability to all kinds of soil. The common Mock Orange, coronarius and its forms, are very sweet; the larger grandiflorus is not so fragrant; the latter is, however, a splendid species for the border, owing to its great size and profusion. There are many forms of coronarius, including gold-variegated and silvervariegated, double, and dwarf (nanus). Great interest is taken in the modern hybrids, of which Lemoinei is typical; under this are grouped such forms as Fantaisie, white fimbriated flowers, faint tint of rose in the centre, sweet; Purpureo-maculatus, white, spotted purple, sweet, dwarf; Virginal white; Rosace, cream, double, sweet; Avalanche, large, white, sweet; Pavilion Blanc, white, clustered; Boule d'Argent, white, double, sweet; Candelabre, white, dwarf, sweet; Bouquet Blanc, white; and Voie Lactée, white. Microphyllus is a good species for the rockery and very sweet. Ordinary soil, including poor limestone.

A Beautiful mock orange. Philadelphus Pavilion Blanc.

Fig. A Beautiful mock orange. Philadelphus Pavilion Blanc.