Mahonia - Notes

See Berberis and Chapter 9. M. aquifolia is Berberis aquifolium. See Chapter 25.

Maidenhair Tree - Notes

See Ginkgo.

Maple - Notes

See Acer and Chapter 15.

Meliosma Myriantha - Notes

A rare Japanese shrub, with large oval toothed leaves and white flowers.

Menispermum - Notes

A small genus of deciduous climbers, of which canadense, with shield-shaped leaves and yellow flowers in summer, is alone met with to any extent. It is a good subject for a shady wall. Loam.

Menziesia - Notes

Polifolia is the same as DaboŽcia polifolia. See Chapters 9. and 19. Empetriformis is the same as Bryanthus empetriformis. See Bryanthus. M. globularis has pink flowers in May, height three to five feet. Moist peat.

Mock Orange - Notes

See Chapter 9. and Philadelphus.

Morus - Notes

Nigra is the common Mulberry, a handsome deciduous tree with greenish flowers in early summer, followed by dark red fruit which cannot be relied on to ripen unless the tree is grown on a wall. Alba, the white Mulberry, is the species grown for feeding silkworms; there is a variety of it called pendula, in addition to several others. The Mulberry is an interesting tree. There are famous examples in English gardens at Syon House, Isleworth; and the Chapter Garden at Canterbury. People who see them have sometimes an impulse to plant Mulberries, but as a matter of fact few are put in and the tree is declining.