Striking additions have been made to this important genus, already of great importance with such popular and valuable members as Darwinii, stenophylla and aquifolium. Acuminata has yellow flowers, the young wood is red and the branches are arched. Brevipaniculata is a dense upright deciduous species growing up to six feet high, with obovate leaves clustered on red stems, panicles of yellow flowers, and rosy berries; the bark of the young shoots is red. Dictyophylla has serrate leaves in clusters of four to six, dark green, on stiff upright stems, of a grey colour when young, fruits coral red. Gagnepainii is an evergreen with pale yellow flowers and glaucous purple berries. Polyantha is deciduous, height up to six feet; yellow flowers and coral-red fruits. Stapfiana is dense in habit, deciduous, and with yellow flowers and small red berries. Verruculosa, a dwarf evergreen, with small, thick, spiny leaves, has yellow flowers on arched stems and purple fruits. Wilsonae has scarlet berries. Bealei is a form of aquifolium. It is not new but is little known, and in the collection of the Hon. Vicary Gibbs is remarkable for its beauty. It is an evergreen with pinnate foliage, and bears lemon-coloured flowers scented like Lily of the Valley at Christmas time. Fremontii (syn. Mahonia Fremontii) is a glaucous evergreen with yellow flowers and red berries.