Euonymus - Notes

See Chapters 9., 16., and 21. The forms of japonicus, such as yellow-margined, gold-variegated and silver-variegated, also radicans variegatus and radicans Silver Gem, are beautiful evergreens. The Japanese set are splendid for leaf-colour all the year round and are very suitable for the seaside. The forms of radicans are suitable for edgings. Europaeus, the white-flowered Spindle Tree, is deciduous: angustifolia, fructu-coccinea and fructu-alba are forms of it. Americanus, atropurpureus, latifolius and verrucosus are also deciduous: but it should be noted that there is a form of the evergreen japonicus called latifolius, and sub-forms of it are offered in the catalogues. Ordinary soil suits the Euony muses.

Euptelea - Notes

See Section A.

Eurya - Notes

Although sometimes listed as hardy, these are best kept in the greenhouse. Latifolia variegata is very popular as a pot plant.

Eurybia - Notes

See Olearia. Eurybia Gunniana and Olearia Gunnii are the same.

Evergreens - Notes

See Chapter 16.

Evergreen Oak - Notes

Quercus Ilex, seeChapter 9. also Oak.