Aspera is a deciduous species with large cut leaves and pale mauve flowers in corymbs in summer. As with other Hydrangeas, the outer florets are sterile. The height is about three feet. Xanthoneura is a somewhat taller deciduous species, with cut leaves and creamy heads of white flowers in summer. Sargentii is quite distinct from other Hydrangeas; it has large velvety leaves and bluish flowers in broad heads, the outer florets sterile; it received an Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society.


Pernyi and Veitchii are striking additions to the Hollies. Fargesii is also noteworthy. Pernyi is distinct from the popular Hollies, forms of Ilex Aquifolium. The habit is neat and dense, the leaves small and pale green on the young wood, dark green on the old wood. It was awarded a First-class Certificate by the Royal Horticultural Society. Veitchii resembles it, but is larger and more vigorous, with very spiny leaves, thoroughly hardy and suitable for a lawn specimen. Fargesii, with its narrow, lanceolate, spineless leaves is a very distinct Holly. Another interesting Ilex is corallina, which has slender drooping branches, dark green coriaceous toothed leaves three to four inches long and coral red berries.