Davidiana is a small deciduous tree growing up to twenty feet high. The foliage colours well in autumn. Francheti and polyandra are also offered; they are rare shrubs.

Exochorda Giraldii

A new Chinese species with white flowers about two inches across in spring, the petioles, leaf-ribs and young growths are rosy purple.


Europaea is a vigorous, free-growing shrub of erect habit with yellow stemless flowers which open in April. It was discovered by Dr. Von Degen in Albania. It differs mainly in leaf from the Forsythias previously described by botanists.


Bracteata is an addition to the Ashes with pinnate leaves.

Gleditschia Delavayi

A species from Yunnan, with strong thorns and pinnate leaves composed of numerous leaflets. The fruits are used for making soap by the Chinese, as are those of G. sinensis.

Gymnocladus Chinensis

This interesting plant differs from the North American species canadensis, the Kentucky Coffee tree, in having violet flowers and short pods; the latter are used for soap by the Chinese. When ripe the seeds are hard and black, and are used for making rosaries.