Thorns - Notes

See Chapters 8., 9., 13. and 24., also Crataegus.

Thuya - Notes

Remarks on these beautiful Conifers will be found in Chapter 17.

Thuyopsis - Notes

See Thuya.

Tilia - Notes

See Lime and Section A.

Topiary - Notes

See Chapter 23.

Torreya - Notes

A small genus of evergreen Conifers, of which californica, grandis, nucifera and taxifolia are the most important species. They have an unpleasant odour. Ordinary soil.

Travellers Joy - Notes

Clematis Vitalba.

Tree Ivy - Notes

Hedera arborea; chrysophylla and elegantissima are varieties; thev are good as standards.

Tree Paeony - Notes

See Paeony.

Tricuspidaria - Notes

The plant first called Crinodendron Hookerianum and subsequently named Tricuspidaria dependens is a beautiful South American gem, with foliage resembling the Bog Myrtle (Myrica), and drooping coral-pink flowers in spring. We are now told that it should be called lanceolata, and that the true dependens has drooping, white, fringed flowers. It thrives best on the western seaboard of the British Isles in loam and peat. In colder districts it should be planted against a wall.