Lilac - Notes

See Syringa, also Section A, and Chapters 9. and 26. The varieties named in the latter are all suitable for the garden.

Lime - Notes

One of the most popular of deciduous town trees. It belongs to the genus Tilia, europaea (syn. vulgaris) being the common Lime or Linden; this tree, with its yellow, sickly-sweet flowers beloved of bees, is very familiar; there is a variegated form. T. alba is the Silver or White Lime, T. americana the American White Wood or Basswood, T. petiolaris the Crimean Lime. Other species met with are dasystyla (syn. euchlora) and platyphyllos; there are several varieties of the latter, such as asplenifolia (syn. laciniata), rubra, pendula and pyramidalis. Good loamy soil.

Lindera - Notes

Deciduous shrubs, the best known member of which is Benzoin (syn. Laurus Benzoin), which grows up to fifteen feet high and has yellow flowers in spring. Praecox, sericea and triloba are also offered. Loam.

Liquidambar - Notes

Of the several species, styraci-flua is the only one generally met with, a small deciduous tree growing up to thirty or forty feet high and remarkable for its rich autumn colour; moreover, it is fragrant. Loam.