Liriodendron - Notes

Tulipifera is the beautiful Tulip tree, with large yellow and green flowers in summer; there are several forms, of which aurea is the best known. The Tulip tree is worth a good position; even though it does not flower in a young state it is always handsome. Deep loamy soil.

Locust Tree - Notes

See Robinia.

Lonicera - Notes

See Honeysuckle.

Loquat - Notes

See Eriobotrya.

Loropetalum - Notes

The only species is chinense, a beautiful deciduous shrub growing up to eight or ten feet high in good loamy soil, and in a sheltered spot; and with white flowers in autumn. It is often grown in pots.

Lupinus - Notes

The tree Lupine, L. arboreus, is an evergreen shrub, but not quite hardy; it is, however, easily raised from seed. There are several forms, including a good yellow and a white (Snow Queen). The true Lupine grows up to six feet high in deep, well-manured soil. The flowers are very sweet.

Lycium - Notes

Box Thorn. Deciduous shrubs, of which barbarum, a climber with purple and yellow flowers in summer; and europaeum, an erect spiny shrub with violet flowers in August, are most often met with; chinense is near the latter and there is a variegated form. They are generally grown on walls, and do well near the sea. Ordinary soil.

Maclura - Notes

The only species, aurantiaca, is the Osage Orange, a deciduous tree growing up to twenty feet high, with yellow flowers in summer followed by golden fruit. Sandy loam.