Eriobotrya - Notes

Japonica is the Loquat or Japanese Medlar. It is not hardy, and can only be grown out of doors on a wall in a warm district. The white flowers may be followed by orange fruit under glass, but not out of doors. Syn. Photinia Japonica.

Escallonia - Notes

See Chapters 16. and 18 Ingramii and sanguinea are forms of the popular rose species macrantha. Langleyensis and exoniensis are hybrids. Floribunda and Philippiana are also grown; both have white flowers in July, but the former is not quite hardy. Ordinary soil. We find macrantha quite at home on an exposed chalk bank, much windswept and the soil poor. It is also to be recommended for seaside gardens. It is the most generally useful, with its dense habit and rich evergreen foliage, but Langleyensis is very beautiful, with its long sprays of pink flowers, and it grows rapidly.

Eucalyptus - Notes

These are not hardy, but may pass the winter in mild districts. Globulus, the Blue Gum, is the best known, but Gunnii, ficifolia and coccinea are also offered. Peat and loam suit them.