Dipelta Ventricosa

An interesting deciduous shrub with Peach-like foliage and small brown tubular flowers with white lip and cream throat. A peculiar feature is the Acer-like seed wing.

Drimys Aromatica

A Tasmanian evergreen which requires the protection of a wall in northern climes. It bears small white flowers in spring.

Eriolobus Delavayi

A Pyrus-like tree.

Eleutherococcus Henryi

A deciduous shrub with compound leaves, grey spiny stems and globular heads of bloom. It bears dark purple fruit. Two other Chinese species aie offered: senticosus and Simoni; they are rare shrubs with palmate leaves.

Eucommia Ulmoides

A Chinese shrub with large glossy leaves from which gutta percha can be made; but the seeds yield more. It is of little garden interest.


Sanguinea is a deciduous species with toothed leaves which become rich crimson in autumn. Alatus, the winged Euonymus, is remarkable for its beautiful tint of rose in autumn.