This important genus has been revolutionized, as much by the work of hybridists - most prominent of whom is Lemoine of Nancy - as by explorers. As regards new species, longifolia, Veitchii, Vilmorinae and Wilsonii are all notable additions. Longifolia has large blush flowers tinged with mauve. Veitchii has corymbs of rosy flowers on arching shoots in May. Vilmorinae, which was found on the mountains of Setchuen, is a vigorous species, with large panicles of white flowers in June. Wilsonii has toothed leaves and white flowers. Both longifolia and Veitchii have received Awards of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. With respect to the hybrids and their forms, they are so interwoven with the older species from which they have sprung that it seems desirable to deal with them in the section B., although many are quite new.