Abele - Notes

The Abele is the white Poplar, Populus alba, and is dealt with in Chapter 9. A good tree for moist spots.

Abelia - Notes

Generally included in lists of hardy shrubs, but as a matter of fact not quite safe in cold districts in Northern climes. The flowers are in drooping clusters. Floribunda, an evergreen, rose flowers in spring; rupestris (syn. chinensis) sweet blush flowers); serrāt a (syn. uniflora), an evergreen, pale red, sweet, spring,tender; and triflora, cream, are generally offered. They should have light soil containing peat and leaf mould, and a sheltered place near a wall.

Abies - Notes

As stated in Chapter 17., where some of the best of the Spruce Firs are described, this genus is connected with Picea and Pseudotsuga. The synonyms are stated in the chapter referred to.

Abutilon - Notes

One species, vitifolium, is hardy enough to be grown outdoors in mild districts, but most of the Abutilons are greenhouse subjects. Vitifolium bears pale blue flowers in July and grows up to ten feet high. There is a white form called album. The silvery foliage is an additional attraction to this species, which is shown in one of the coloured plates.

Acacia - Notes

See Robinia.

Acanthopanax - Notes

See Aralia.