Snowdrop Tree - Notes

Halesia tetraptera.

Snowy Mespilus - Notes

See Amelanchier.

Solanum - Notes

One member of this large genus is a hardy shrub against a wall, and that is crispum, which has beautiful blue flowers in summer followed by yellow and white fruit. Loam.

Sophora - Notes

Japonica, the Pagoda Tree, is a popular deciduous tree growing up to thirty feet high, with white flowers in August; pendula is a drooping variety of it and there is a variegated form. Sandy loam.

Southernwood - Notes

See Artemisia.

Spanish Broom - Notes

See Spartium.

Spanish Chestnut - Notes

See Castanea.

Spartium - Notes

Junceum is the Spanish Broom, which grows up to eight or nine feet high and has yellow flowers in summer; there is a double variety. Ordinary soil.

Spindle Tree - Notes

See Euonymus.