Scotch Fir - Notes

Pinus sylvestris.

Scotch Laburnum - Notes

See Laburnum.

Scotch Pine - Notes

Pinus sylvestris.

Senecio - Notes

A few of the Ragworts are evergreen shrubs, including compacta, elaeagnifolius (not quite hardy) Grayii and rotundifolius.

Sea Buckthorn - Notes

See Hippophae.

Sequoia - Notes

See Conifers, Chapter 17.

Service Tree - Notes

See Pyrus.

Shepherdia - Notes

A small genus of deciduous shrubs, of which argentea alone, with yellow flowers in April followed by acid scarlet berries, is met with in cultivation. It likes the same conditions as Hippophae.

Siberian Crab - Notes

See Pyrus.

Skimmia - Notes

Useful evergreens, Fortunei, height up to three feet, greenish white flowers in spring, followed by berries; and japonica, three feet, spring, white, with its variety fragrans, are generally grown. Japonica is a great favourite and fruits well if both male and female forms are planted. Peat and loam.

Sloe - Notes

Prunus spinosa.

Smilax - Notes

See Chapter 18.

Snowball Tree - Notes

Viburnum opulus sterile.

Snowberry - Notes

Symphoricarpus racemosus.