Ruscus - Notes

Aculeatus is the Butcher's Broom, see Chapters 16. and 25. Racemosus is the Alexandrian Laurel, an evergreen growing about four feet high, with greenish yellow flowers in April. Hypoglossum, one foot, has yellow flowers in May. Aculeatus will thrive under trees. Both male and female forms must be planted to insure fruit. Ordinary soil.

Salisburia - Notes

See Ginkgo.

Salt Tree - Notes

See Halimodendron.

Salix - Notes

Willow. The best of these are described in Chapter 22.

Sambucus - Notes

See Elder.

Sarcococca - Notes

See Section A.

Saxegothaea - Notes

Conspicua is the Conifer called Prince Albert's Yew. Culture as for Yews.

Scarlet Elder - Notes

See Elder.

Scarlet Maple - Notes

See Acer.

Schizophragma - Notes

See Section A on modern shrubs.

Sciadopitys - Notes

Verticillata is the Umbrella Pine, an evergreen Conifer with whorled leaves in large bunches, suitable for a lawn tree and growing up to eighty feet high, but developing slowly. It should have good, well-drained soil in a sheltered place and be frequently mulched with decayed leaves.

Scotch Elm - Notes

See Elm.