Garrya - Notes

Elliptica is a well known evergreen, with greenish yellow catkins in spring, height up to ten feet in the open, perhaps more on a wall. It does well at the seaside. Ordinary soil.

Gaultheria - Notes

These shrubs are useful for shady places, and like a moist, peaty soil. Procumbens, the Partridge Berry, only grows a few inches high and has white flowers in summer, followed by dark fruit. Shallon is an evergreen, grows up to four feet high, and has white flowers in May; there is a form of this called acutifolia. Nummularioides (syn. nummularifolia) white or pale pink flowers in spring, is also offered.

Gean - Notes

The wild Cherry.

Genista - Notes

See Broom and Chapter 19.

Ginkgo - Notes

See Chapter 17. Biloba, the Maidenhair Tree, is the same as Salisburia adiantifolia. There are several garden forms, including a drooping and a variegated, but they are not generally offered. It is a deciduous Conifer, and does well in towns. Ordinary soil.

Glastonbury Thorn - Notes

See Crataegus.