Cercidiphyllum - Notes

One species, japonicum, is offered. It is a half-hardy deciduous shrub only met with out of doors in mild, sheltered places. The height is four feet. Greenish flowers in summer.

Cercis - Notes

A small deciduous tree of the Pea order (Leguminosae) of much interest and beauty. The most popular species is Siliquastrum, the Judas Tree, which is hardy except in cold districts, where it should have a wall and well-drained friable loamy soil. The flowers are purple and white. The reddish seed pods are also attractive. There is a white form, alba. Canadensis, a species with red flowers, is also offered. There are several other species, but they are little grown. All bloom about mid-spring, before the leaves appear.

Chamaecyparis - Notes

White Cedar - See Cupressus.

Cherry - Notes

See Cerasus. The best of the forcing Cherries are referred to in Chapter 26.

Cherry Plum - Notes

This is Prunus cerasifera or Myrobalana, much used as a hedge plant under the name of Myrobella or Myrobalan Plum. See Shrubs for hedges, Chapter 24. The variety cerasifera atropurpurea is the well known purple-leaved tree Prunus Pissardii.