Ceanothus - Notes

References to this useful genus will be found in Chapters 9. and 18.

Cedar - Notes

Cedrus. See Chapter 17.

Celastrus - Notes

Scandens is a hardy deciduous climber with yellow flowers in May. Articulatus is not worth growing for its flowers, but the red fruits are pretty. It should have plenty of room. Ordinary soil.

Celtis - Notes

Occidentalis is a hardy deciduous climber with greenish flowers in spring. Ordinary soil.

Cephalanthus - Notes

Occidentalis, the Button Wood, grows up to seven feet high and bears white flowers in summer. It likes peaty soil.

Cephalotaxus - Notes

Of the Chinese Yews, drupacea, Fortunei and pedunculata with its variety fastigiata (syn. Taxus japonica), are offered. They are small Conifers, rarely more than ten feet high.

Chapter 17. is devoted to Conifers, and references to Conifers for lawns are made in Chapter 14. The claim of the Cephalotaxus for inclusion may be considered in connection with other Conifers described.