Chestnut - Notes

See Aesculus and Castanea. The Chestnuts are referred to in Chapters 9. and 20.

Chile Pine - Notes

See Araucaria.

Chimonanthus - Notes

Fragrans is referred to in Chapter 18. See also Calycanthus. Two or three flowers of C. fragrans in a saucer of water will scent a large room.

Chinese Arbor-Vitae - Notes

Biota orientalis, the same as Thuja orientalis See Thuja.

Chinese Pear - Notes

See Pyrus.

Chinese Yew - Notes

See Cephalotaxus.

Chionanthus - Notes

Fringe Tree. Two species are offered: retusus and virginica. They are beautiful small deciduous trees, flowering in May and June. C. retusus has white drooping flowers with strap-shaped petals. Virginica also has white flowers. They like peaty soil such as suits the Ericaceae.