Berchemia - Notes

Most of the members of this genus are not hardy, but volubilis, which bears greenish white flowers in summer, may be grown on a pillar or pergola. Racemosa variegata is beautiful on stakes in a pot; the foliage is exquisitely tinted.

Betula - Notes

The common silver Birch, so much admired for its creamy bark, which peels off in large flakes in autumn, one of the best known of our smaller trees, is Betula alba. There are several varieties of it, differing in the form of the leaf or habit, notably fastigiata, laciniata, pendula, latifolia, pendula Youngii and purpurea. It will grow in almost any soil. Lenta is the North American Cherry Birch, and is a forest tree, as is papyrifera. Populifolia resembles the silver Birch, but is rather smaller.

Bignonia - Notes

Only capreolata is hardy (see Chapter 18. also Chapter 13. for pruning) unless grandiflora and radicans are included; botanists now put these under Tecoma. Both are scarlet. Thunbergii is a late-blooming variety of radicans. Both ought to have wall shelter. Ordinary soil.

Biota - Notes

See Thuja.