Forsythia - Notes

See Chapter 9. Three areoffered, intermedia, suspensa and viridissima; the first is a hybrid between the other two; all with yellow flowers, height eight to twelve feet. There is a variegated form of viridissima. Spectabilis is a good form of intermedia. Densiflora and vitellina are also good. The Forsythias are among the brightest of early-blooming deciduous shrubs. They flower profusely in advance of the leaves, the flowers drooping from top to bottom of one-year wood. Ordinary soil. They may be grown in open shrubberies or on walls, and do well in town gardens.

Fothergilla - Notes

The species Gardeni (syn. alnifolia) is offered. It is a handsome deciduous shrub, growing four to five feet high, with white fragrant flowers in spring. Moist sandy peat is desirable.

Fraxinus - Notes

See Ash.

Fremontia - Notes

There is but one species, californica, a charming deciduous shrub, growing up to twelve feet high, with yellow flowers one to three inches across in spring and onwards. It is not fully hardy, and should have a warm sheltered place except in very mild districts. In cold districts it might be tried on a warm wall. Sandy loam with peat, or some other light, friable, well-drained compost is desirable.

Fringe Tree - Notes

See Chionanthus.