Fuchsia - Notes

Few shrubs are so graceful in gardens by the sea in mild districts as the hardier Fuchsias, such as coccinea and the forms of macrostemma, namely, corallina, gracilis, and Riccartonii, which are often listed as species. They have scarlet, crimson, or purple and red flowers in summer. Corallina is the most vigorous and may be used as a pillar or pergola plant. The others form beautiful bushes up to six or eight feet high. Ordinary soil. Propagation by cuttings in summer. They are best treated as herbaceous plants; as frost generally affects the stems these can be cut down, and the stools covered with ashes. We know of plants treated in this way that are of very old standing on Wealden Clay in Kent.

Furze or Gorse - Notes

Ulex europaeus, a well known wilding of the Cornish and other moors, where its peculiar rather cloying odour fills the air. It is nearly always in bloom, hence the Cornish saying "when the Gorse is out of bloom kissing is out of fashion." There is a double form, flore pleno, and it is far superior to the single for gardens. It is one of the best shrubs for dry, stony, or gravelly soil. Ordinary soil.