Gorse - Notes

See Furze.

Grevillea - Notes

While some of the species, notably rosmarinifolia, may be grown out of doors, in mild districts, the genus is generally represented by robusta grown as a pot plant for conservatories and rooms. It is very graceful.

Griselinia - Notes

Littoralis, a small evergreen tree growing up to twenty feet high, and its form macro phylla, are offered as hardy subjects, but they should have favoured sites, and fertile sandy loam. At the seaside they are much hardier than inland, growing into dense bushes. The flowers are not important and fruit does not develop in Great Britain.

Guelder Rose - Notes

See Viburnum.

Gum Cistus - Notes

See Cistus and Chapter 19.

Gymnocladus - Notes

The best known species is canadensis, the Kentucky Coffee Tree, a hardy deciduous tree growing up to thirty feet high, with white flowers. The foliage is attractive, being divided into numerous leaflets. Pods rarely develop in Great Britain.