Choisya - Notes

The species ternata is a much admired small evergreen shrub, not considered to be fully hardy, and often grown on a sheltered border or against a wall, but it is probably hardier than is supposed, as it thrives on clay in an exposed place at Aldenham House, near London. The habit is compact and dense, the abundant foliage glossy. It produces its white flowers in early summer. Good friable soil is desirable.

Christs Thorn - Notes

See Paliurus.

Cissus - Notes

See Vitis.

Cistus - Notes

The best of the Rock Roses are described in Chapter 19. They are splendid shrubs for hot dry banks.

Citrus - Notes

This genus includes the Orange and Lemon, which can only be grown under glass in northern climes. One species, however, is hardy, and that is trifoliata, an evergreen shrub growing about four feet high, with white flowers in summer.

Cladrastis - Notes

Deciduous trees, of which two species are offered: amurensis (syn. Maackia) and tinctoria (syn. Virgilia lutea), the Yellow Wood. Both have white flowers in summer. Sandy loam is desirable as damp, stiff ground does not suit them.