Vinca - Notes

See Chapter 25.

Virgilia - Notes

See Cladrastis.

Virginian Creeper - Notes

See Chapter 18., also Ampelopsis in this section.

Virgins Bower - Notes

Clematis Flammula.

Vitex - Notes

Agnus-castus is hardy; it is a deciduous shrub growing about six feet high, with lilac flowers in August. Sandy loam.

Vitis - Notes

See Chapter 18. and Ampelopsis in this section.

Walnut - Notes

See Juglans.

Weeping Willow - Notes

See Chapter 22.

Weigela - Notes

See Diervilla.

Wellingtonia - Notes

See Chapter 17.

Weymouth Pine - Notes

Pinus Strobus.

White Beam Tree - Notes

Pryus aria.

Whitethorn - Notes

Crataegus Oxyacantha.

Willow - Notes

See Chapter 22.

Willow Oak - Notes

Quercus Phellos.

Winters Bark - Notes

See Drimys.

Wistaria - Notes

See Chapter 18. for varieties. Good loamy soil suits them.

Witch Hazel - Notes

See Hamamelis.

Wych Elm - Notes

See Elm.

Xanthoceras - Notes

The only species is sorbifolia, a small deciduous tree growing up to fifteen feet high, with white, red-spotted flowers in July. It should not be grown in an exposed place. Sandy loam.

Xanthorrhiza - Notes

The only species is apiifolia, a deciduous shrub growing up to three feet high, with purple flowers in April. Loam.

Yew - Notes

See Chapters 17., 23. and 24.