The same as Weigela. The hybrid and variegated forms of rosea are grown under the latter name in gardens and mlrseries. Nurserymen often offer Middendorffiana and sessilifolia under the name of Diervilla. Both grow about four feet high, and produce yellow flowers in summer. They may offer amabilis and rosea as Weigelas, but these are the same species, and are also synonymous with florida. Height up to eight feet. The reddish flowers are borne profusely in late spring. Numerous beautiful garden forms are offered, such as Candida, white; Eva Rathke, dense red; Conquérant, Dame Blanche, Gloire des Bosquets, Looysmannii aurea, Madame Abel Carrière, Pascal, P. Duchartre and Saturne. The Weigelas are easily in the front rank of hardy deciduous shrubs. They will thrive on almost any soil, and if pruned hard after flowering (see Chapter 13.) will be dense masses of beautiful bloom for several weeks.