A large genus, and one which includes some very beautiful shrubs, notably Opulus, the Guelder Rose, and its form sterile, the Snowball Tree; and plicatum. V. Lantana is the Wayfaring Tree of the hedgerows, one of the most attractive of our common wildings, alike in flower and fruit, well worth growing in dry-soil gardens. V. Tinus is the evergreen Laurustinus; see Laurustinus. Sieboldi, with dark green opposite leaves, resembles plicatum. Among the deciduous species not mentioned, dilatatum, height up to ten feet, white flowers in early summer; prunifolium, twelve feet, white; macrocephalum, twenty feet, white, early summer; and nudum, white, May, ten feet, are the most important. Opulus sterile, with its white balls as large as oranges, is certainly the most beautiful of the Viburnums, but it is pressed hard by plicatum, a form of tomentosum, which covers itself with white flowers in May; plicatum does well in peat. Opulus fruits, but the form sterile is barren. Ordinary soil. See also Section A on modern shrubs.