Drimys - Notes

Winteri yields winter's bark, which is used as a substitute for cinnamon. It is not quite hardy, and must have a sheltered place. An evergreen with a large oval leaf, and brown stem. Height up to thirty feet. White flowers in May. Loam and peat for preference, but will succeed on clay.

Edgeworthia - Notes

Chrysantha (syn. papyrifera) a shrub with yellow scented flowers in spring, height up to three feet, is offered in some lists of hardy deciduous shrubs, but it is best grown in the greenhouse.

Edwardsia - Notes

See Sophora.

Elaeagnus - Notes

Wild Olive. The evergreen species are the most appreciated, such as glabra and its variegated and yellow forms; macrophylla, and pungens and its forms aureo-maculata, aureo-picta and variegata. Argentea (good for seaside) longipes and umbellata are deciduous. Longipes is the same as multiflora, and is a large handsome creamy shrub in the gardens of the Royal Horticultural Society at Wisley. Ornamental berries follow the flowers. Ordinary soil.