Yucca - Notes

See Chapters 16. and 19. for selections. They like sandy loam.

Yulan - Notes

See Magnolia conspicua.

Zanthorrhiza - Notes

The only species is apiifolia, a deciduous shrub growing up to three feet high, with purple flowers in April. Loam.

Zelkova - Notes

A small genus of deciduous trees resembling Elms. Acuminata (syn. Planera acuminata) which grows up to forty feet high, with the male flowers in green racemes in April, is the only one grown to any great extent. Davidiana is a small slender tree from Mongolia.

Zenobia - Notes

Speciosa, the only one grown, is a shrub growing about four feet high, with small white drooping cup-shaped flowers in summer. It is the same as Andromeda cassineaefolia and A. speciosa. There are few more beautiful shrubs than this when it is grown in moist peat.