Amygdalus - Notes

See Almond and Prunus. The Bitter Almond is Amygdalus communis amara and the Sweet Almond A. c. dulcis; but the genus is now merged in Prunus by botanists.

Andromeda - Notes

The best known member of this genus, now that several species have been referred to other genera, is polifolia, which grows about a foot high and bears rosy flowers in June. Nurserymen offer a narrow-leaved form called angustifolia. They may also list arborea, which produces white bell-shaped flowers in late summer, and makes a handsome bush several feet high, and floribunda (Pieris floribunda) white flowers in Spring, three to five feet. In common with most of the Ericaceae, the Andromedas thrive best in moist peaty soil in a sheltered place; and they enjoy partial shade. See also Cassandra, Leucothoe, Pieris and Zenobia.

Apple - Notes

See Pyrus. The beauty of the orchard should be considered in connection with ornamental trees. The large flowered Apples are very beautiful in their mantle of pale pink bloom, and might be planted in gardens with ornament in view.