Hamamelis. - Notes

Witch Hazel. As winter bloomers these small but beautiful deciduous shrubs with their quaint crinkled flowers have a special claim on attention. Mollis is a lovely object when full of golden bloom in advance of its leaves on a winter day, bright and cheerful amid frost and snow. Arborea, claret and yellow; japonica, yellow, and its variety Zuccariniana, yellow and brown; and virginica, yellow, are also offered. They should be planted at the front of the shrubbery or under a wall, preferably in groups. Well drained friable soil will do, but loam with a little peat gives the best results.

Hawthorn - Notes

See Crataegus.

Hazel - Notes

The Hazel Nut tree is Corylus Avellana, and is more important for economic than for ornamental purposes, nevertheless, such forms as aurea, laciniata, pendula and the purple-leaved purpurea (syn. maxima atropurpurea) may be considered for the shrubbery, particularly the last named, which has rich purple foliage. It is best pruned hard back every three years, when it colours splendidly and makes an admirable base or background for golden and silvery leaved shrubs and small trees. Ordinary soil.