Corokia - Notes

The species Cotoneaster, an evergreen with yellow flowers, height up to ten feet, is offered. It is not fully hardy, and should be grown on a border under a warm wall. Ordinary soil.

Coronilla - Notes

Most of the Coronillas are herbaceous, but Emerus, the Scorpion Senna, is a deciduous hardy shrub. It belongs to the Pea order (Legumi-nosae) and has yellow flowers in April. Height about three feet. Ordinary soil.

Corsican Pine - Notes

Pinus Laricio.

Cortaderia - Notes

See Gynerium.

Corylopsis - Notes

Two species: pauciflora and spicata, are offered. Both have yellow flowers in winter, opening in advance of the leaves, and grow up to six feet high. They ought to be grown on a wall border. Ordinary soil.

Corylus - Notes

See Hazel.

Cotoneaster - Notes

See Chapter 16. and 18. For special kinds see the chapter on modern plants.