The new Cotoneasters are numerous. Humifusa is an evergreen trailer, useful for covering banks; the growth is vigorous but dense; scarlet berries are borne in autumn. Prostrata has orange berries and is good for the rockery. Adpressa is deciduous, and is well suited to the rock garden. Dammeri is a dense creeper with scarlet berries, excellent for the rockery. Divaricata is an evergreen of low, free-branching habit, with dark green leaves and scarlet berries. A First-class Certificate was awarded to it by the Royal Horticultural Society. Bullata is a vigorous species with clusters of shining red berries. Salicifolia rugosa is a loose bush with red berries on drooping shoots. Zabeli has dull red berries. The last three received Awards of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1912. Fontanesii, red berries, grows three feet high.

Pannosa is a low evergreen with slender spreading branches, white flowers and red berries. Rugosa Henryi is evergreen, with clusters of brownish berries. Applanata is deciduous, with leaves grey below, and scarlet berries. Francheti is an erect shrub with white flowers and orange berries. Angustifolia has spiny stems and red berries.