Ivy - Notes

See Chapter 18.

Jamesia - Notes

One species is available, namely, americana, which grows up to six feet high, is deciduous and has white flowers in spring. Ordinary soil.

Japanese Cedar - Notes

See Cryptomeria.

Japanese Quince - Notes

Cydonia or Pyrus japonica.

Jasmine - Notes

The Jasmines are referred to in Chapter 18., where the value of Jasminum nudiflorum is pointed out. Revolutum and Wallichianum, both with yellow flowers in summer, are also hardy. The latter is probably the same as humile, and revolutum is a form. Other hardy members of the genus are floridum (syn. subulatum) and fruticans, both with yellow flowers in summer. Primulinum is a good Jasmine from Yunnan, but not fully hardy and must have a warm wall if grown out of doors. It resembles nudiflorum, indeed, Dr. Henry considers it to be a variety of that species.

Judas Tree - Notes

See Cercis.

Juglans - Notes

This is the Walnut genus. J. regia is the common Walnut and J. nigra the black Walnut. Laciniata is a cut-leaved and pendula a drooping form of regia. The other species are not in general cultivation. Deep loamy soil suits.