Cydonia - Notes

See Chapter 18., C. Japonica (syn. Pyrus Japonica) is the deciduous Japanese Quince. Variety of colour or size is yielded by such garden forms as atropurpurea, dark; Aurora, salmon pink; cardinalis, coccinea, Knap Hill Scarlet, Moerloezii, Candida, princeps, rosea and Simoni. The last is very rich. Flore pleno has double flowers. Maulei is also good; alba, Leichtlini, perfecta and superba are good varieties of it. They are all good for borders and low walls. Ordinary soil.

Cypress - Notes

See Cupressus.

Cytisus - Notes

This is the Broom genus. The Brooms are among the most beautiful of spring shrubs. Growing on most soils, they are perhaps at their best on light, dry, sandy ground. Of dense habit, they flower profusely. They make beautiful beds as dwarf plants and are also useful as standards. The following are the best hardy kinds: albus, the white Spanish Broom, a strong, rapid grower; Ardoinii, a yellow-flowered trailer; Beanii, yellow, a hybrid between Ardoinii and biflorus; biflorus, yellow, early; decumbens, yellow, prostrate; Kewensis, cream or pale yellow, prostrate habit, a hybrid; praecox, cream or pale yellow, early, a hybrid; purpureus, purple; and scoparius, common yellow Broom; the crimson blush variety Andreanus, the cream albus (not Cytisus albus); the pale yellow sulphureus and the new forms described in the chapter on new plants are forms of scoparius. See also Chapter 19.