Juniperus - Notes

The Junipers are referred to in Chapter 17. They are evergreen Conifers of rugged aspect.

Kalmia - Notes

Angustifolia, glauca and latifolia are the principal species, indeed, these are the only ones generally listed. They are useful evergreens, loving cool, moist peat and, like Rhododendrons, disliking lime. Pumila and rubra are forms of angustifolia; myrtifolia is a form of latifolia. Glauca, which has rosy flowers in May and grows up to two feet high, is a beautiful dwarf bedding shrub, blooming profusely and pleasing in colour. Latifolia, which has larger leaves, is also very beautiful.

A pearl of late spring. Kalmia latifolia. Photo by F. Mason Good.

Fig. A pearl of late spring. Kalmia latifolia. Photo by F. Mason Good.

Kerria - Notes

The only species is japonica (syn. Corchorus japonicus) a not particularly impressive deciduous shrub. The double, flore pleno, is not only more vigorous, but also more lasting and free, and one of the most useful dwarf yellow-flowered deciduous shrubs of spring. It will thrive on a north wall. Ordinary soil, including poor limestone, which it prefers to clay. There is also a variegated form of japonica.

Kolreuteria - Notes

Paniculata, a deciduous tree growing up to fifteen feet high, with yellow flowers in summer, is offered. Good soil and a warm sheltered site are needed.