Bruckenthalia - Notes

Spiculifolia, which is offered in some catalogues, is a Heath-like plant with purplish flowers, liking peaty soil. The height is about a foot.

It might be grown with other small members of the Ericaceae in a peat bed at the foot of a rockery.

Bryanthus - Notes

A member of the Ericaceae, liking moist peaty soil. Empetriformis (syn. Menziesia empetriformis) with purplish flowers in summer, height about six inches, is offered.

Buddleia - Notes

This genus of deciduous shrubs is dealt with in Chapters 9. and 18. Globosa makes a useful and compact small tree, and is both attractive and interesting when bearing its little golden balls. It should have light friable soil and a sheltered place. Variabilis Veitchiana bears splendid panicles of purplish inflorescence. B. V. magnifica resembles it, but has deeper coloured flowers. Both of these are hardier than globosa, but enjoy a wall border. Colvilei, crimson, is beautiful but tender. They flower in summer and hold their leaves until winter.