Paeony. Moutan, the Tree Paeony, is a deciduous shrub, and the finest of the modern varieties make beautiful groups in beds or at the front of shrubberies. The flowers are of enormous size and brilliant in colour. The plants are often forced in pots. Any deep, rich soil suits. Basal shoots of all kinds should be removed as they appear. Although the plants are hardy the buds are sometimes cut by severe late frost and protection should be given in hard weather. Better still, plant in a sheltered place where the sun will not strike on them before 11 a.m., because then frost may be harmless. The following may be grown: single: Etna, fiery red; Illinois, carmine; Missouri, pink; Pennsylvania, salmon; Wisconsin, pink, violet stripe; double: De Bugny, white, violet flakes; Jeanne d'Arc, salmon; Lactea, cream; La Ville de St. Dsnis, white, violet ground; Louise Mouchelet, salmon-pink; Madame Stuart Low, salmon-red; Queen Elizabeth, rosy red; Archduc Ludovic, violet; and Souvenir de Ducher, violet red. A fine hybrid, named La Lorraine, with soft yellow flowers, has been raised by crossing the yellow Tree Paeony, P. lutea, with a variety of P. moutan. P. lutea itself is a fine plant with clear yellow flowers. It was found in Yunnan and first flowered in Europe in 1891. It should have a warm sheltered place and rich friable loamy soil. P. Veitchii, purplish red, several blooms on each stem, is also interesting.