The beautiful Strawberry Tree, A. Unedo, is well worth planting where a sheltered place and light friable soil can be provided, as it will then make a fine evergreen shrub nine to twelve feet high. It is not only attractive by reason of its clusters of white flowers in late summer, but. by its large dense red strawberry-like fruits, which are beautiful in winter. Nurserymen offer several varieties of it, Croomii, with scarlet honey-scented flowers, being one of the best; coccinea has pink and rubra red flowers; others are magnifica, microphylla, New Scarlet and rotundifolia. A. Andrachne is a small tree with laurel-like leaves, red bark and greenish-white flowers. Other species are canadensis, densiflorus, furiens, hybrida, mollis and tomentosa. As members of the Ericaceae the Arbutuses enjoy a peaty soil.