Rhodora - Notes

One species with purple and red flowers is often met with under the name of Rhodora canadensis (syn. Rhododendron Rhodora). It needs the same treatment as Rhododendrons.

Rhodotypos - Notes

The only species is kerrioides, a deciduous shrub growing up to twelve feet high, with white flowers in April. Ordinary soil.

Rhus - Notes

Sumach. Several of the Sumachs, notably Cotinus, glabra and typhina, are much esteemed for the rich colour of their foliage in autumn. The first named, the Smoke Plant, is also effective when the seed plumes form after the flowers. The principal species are copallina, height up to six feet, yellow flowers in summer; Cotinus, eight feet, pale purple, purpurea is a dark-leaved form; cotinoides; glabra, twelve feet, yellow, laciniata is a cut-leaved form; and typhina, twelve feet, greenish yellow, fine foliage; laciniata is a cut-leaved form of it. R. Toxicodendron, the Poison Oak or Poison ivy, is a rambler with greenish yellow flowers, and must be dressed with gloved hands; radicans is a creeping form. Ordinary soil.