In starting the pot culture of Roses, a common mistake is to use very large pots. Six-inch (32's) are generally quite large enough for young plants. If a very strong plant were purchased or lifted, with a large ball of soil and roots, it might have a 7- or 8-inch. For soil, a staple of turfy loam is very desirable. There is nothing to beat it, if, indeed, to equal it. It is cheapest to buy turf and stack it grass side downwards for a year, with a coat of decayed cow manure between each two layers of turf. If this is chopped down, and a tenth part of sand added, it will make a splendid mixture. For drainage, place a large crock or oyster shell over the hole, cover this with smaller pieces evenly overlapping, and these in turn with a 1/2-inch thickness of moss.