The occurrence of Callitris intratropica, Benth. et Hook.1) (Frenela intratropica, F. v. Muell.; F. robusta, A. Cunn. var. microcarpa, Benth.) appears to be restricted to Northern Australia and to its Northwest coast. Like the previous species, it also is known as cypress pine.

1) In this oil, as in several others, the investigators infer the presence of dipentene from the high melting point of the limonene tetrabromide. 2) Baker and Smith, loc. cit. p. 157.

The oil from the leaves was distilled with a yield of 0,11 p.c. (in November); d22o0,8481 to 0,8570; aD - 21,6°; nD18o 1,4768; ester content 3,81 to 4,75 (computed as C10 H17 Ococh3); in-soluble in 10 vols, of 90 p.c. alcohol. In the carefully fractionated oil, the presence of the following substances was ascertained: a-pinene, /-limonene, dipentene, borneol and geraniol, the two alcohols probably as acetate. The bulk of the oil consists of terpenes.

The oil from the wood contains callitrol and guaiol. The wood is so rich in guaiol that crystals of it frequently appear when the surface is cut.